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Jesus will be back again one day

Jesus and Frosty (audio included)

Jesus promises to come back again some day.

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Mary with baby Jesus

Mary & Rudolph (audio included)

Mary could’ve been an outcast if Joseph hadn’t listened to God and believed what He said about how Mary got pregnant. And Rudolph was an outcast until Santa recognized his special gift. And we are called to love all people – even if in the eyes of the world some are considered outcasts.

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Prayer and Peace

The importance of peace in the midst of a chaotic season.

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cleaning house

Cleaning House (audio included)

Just as we clean house in preparation for a special guest we need to clean our spiritual homes in anticipation of Jesus’ arrival.

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Simple Yet Powerful (audio included)

A look at gratitude and how it is so simple in concept, yet so powerful in reality! And it is vital to a positive Christian witness!

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Decisions, Decisions! (audio included)

A look at the importance of deciding to serve Jesus above all else…and then actually doing so.

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handle with prayer

Handle With Prayer (audio included)

Life is better if/when we handle it with prayer.

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Confidence vs Comparison (audio included)

We need to focus on gaining confidence in who we are in Christ rather than tending to compare ourselves to others.

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Taking Responsibility Part 2 (audio included)

The importance of Christians behaving responsibly in this world.

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